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The purpose of the Association of Yukon Communities (AYC) is to further the establishment of responsible government at the community level and to provide a united approach to community ambitions. AYC assists communities in their endeavour to achieve and sustain strong and effective local government, thereby improving the quality of life for all of the people of the Territory.


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FCM’s Green Municipal Fund 2016–2017 Annual Report

Climate Leadership Institute November 1-3, 2017, Vancouver B.C.

CEA Offers Team of Regional Climate Advisors  
Making Communities Flood Ready - Canada.ca

Flood Ready

Emergency Management is a shared responsibility, involving communities, businesses, individuals/households, and governments at all levels.
At the community level, there are things that can be done to reduce the impacts of major flooding events and to protect people and properties.
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3 tips to make your home more #FloodReady


3 ways to be #FloodReady


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