The Board of Directors

The Association is made up of an Executive and Board of Directors

AYC elects its executive every two years during its Annual General Meeting.  Any elected official may run for a position on the Executive.

AYC’s Board of Directors is comprised of representatives appointed from all of its member communities, with the exception of the City of Whitehorse which has two representatives. 

Yukon unincorporated areas sit as Associate Members in the Association.  These members bring along a valuable insight to the more rural concerns of the Territory.  Associate Members may select one elected official amongst all of its Local Advisory Councils (LAC), combined, as its represented appointee to the AYC Board and be entitled to one vote. 

Below is a list of the current Board of Directors


President - Mayor Gord Curran
1st Vice President -Mayor Laura Cabott

2nd Vice President – Mayor Lee Bodie

VP-at-Large - Councillor Angie Charlebois

Board of Directors

Incorporated Municipalities

Village of Carmacks – Councillor Doris Hansen

City of Dawson - Mayor William Kendrick
Town of Faro – Councillor Leif Nyland

Village of Haines Junction –  Councillor Angie Charlebois

Village of Mayo – Councillor Joann Aird

Village of Teslin – Councillor Jeff Myke

Town of Watson Lake - Councillor Lauren Hanchar

City of Whitehorse – Councillor Ted Laking
City of Whitehorse - Councillor Mellisa Murray

LAC Representative - Bonnitta Ritchie

Associate Members 

Hamlet of Mount Lorne – Chair TBD

Marsh Lake Local Advisory Council – Chair TBD

South Klondike Advisory Council - Chair TBD

Tagish Local Advisory Council –Chair TBD 

Hamlet of Ibex Valley - Chair TBD