Assistant Deputy Minister


 Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties

 Ad hoc

 a Latin phrase which means "for this purpose


 Allowance for funds used during construction


 Alaska Gas Inducement Act


 Alaska Municipal League

 AMSC  Alberta Municipal Services Corporation


 Alberta Urban Municipal Association


 Access to Information and Protection of Privacy


 Association of Yukon Communities


 Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything  (or Anyone).


 Building Canada Fund


 Billion cubic feet per day

 CA  Community Affairs


 Champagne/Aishihik First Nation


 Chief Administrative Officer


 Canadian Council Ministers of the Environment


 Community Development Fund


 Chief Executive Officer


 Canadian Executive Services Organization


 Canada Revenue Agency

 CS  Community Services


 Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund


 Community Training Trust Society


 Canadian Water and Wastewater Association


 Council of Yukon First Nations


 Deputy Minister


 Executive Director


 Emergency Measures Organization


 Energy Mines & Resources


 Energy Resources Conservation Board


 Federation of Canadian Municipalities


 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


 First Nation


 Gas Tax Agreement


 Gross Domestic Product


 Gas Treatment Plant


 Integrated Community Sustainability Planning


 Inter-Municipal Business Licence


 Local Advisory Committee


 Local Government Administrators of the NWT


 Local Government Management Association of B.C.


 Liquid Natural Gas


 Municipal Act Review Committee


 Million British thermal units


 Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund


 Municipal Waste Water Effluent


 National Energy Board


 Not in My Back Yard


 Not in My Term of Office


 Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association


 Official Community Plan

 OH & S

 Occupational Health & Safety

 OTOF  Our Towns Our Future


 Partners for Economic Progress or Prosperity


 Public Works


 Rural Development Institute


 Regional Economic Development Fund


 Request for Tender


 Reciprocal Insurance


 Ross River Round Table


 Shared Information Management System for Infrastructure


 Tourism Industry Association of The Yukon


 Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement


 Terms of Reference


 Teslin Tlingit Council


 Tourism Training Trust Fund


 Union of British Columbia Municipalities


 Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin


 Yukon Convention Bureau


 Yukon Council on the Economy and the Environment


Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board

 Yukon CIA

 Yukon Community Insurance Association


 Yukon Municipal Board


 Yukon Water and Waste Association


 Yukon Regional Round Table


 Yukon Species at Risk Act


 Yukon Sustainable Community Partnership


 Yukon Territorial Government


 Yukon Technology Innovation Centre


 Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health & Safety Board


 Yukon Water and Waste Association