Hanseatic Award

The Hanseatic Award was established in 1997 to provide Yukon municipal politicians an opportunity to recognize the work of their peers. 

The award is presented to “A person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of Yukon Municipal Government and furthered the goals of the Association of Yukon Communities.” 

Nominations for this award come from all Yukon municipal elected officials and are forwarded to the AYC executive to select a recipient.  This award is presented during the Friday evening banquet at the Annual General Meeting.

The criteria for nominations to this award are only that the individual is or once was a Yukon municipal politician and that they are not currently sitting on the AYC executive.

Municipalities and Local Advisory Councils should include in their nominations the number of years of service to the council/AYC and in about 200 words,describe the nominee’s ‘outstanding contributions’ to municipal government.

 Hanseatic Nomination Form

Previous Hanseatic Award Winners
2019 Perry Savoie
2018 Scott Bolton
2017 Clara Jules
2016 Dave Stockdale
2015  Elaine Wyatt
2014  George Nassiopoulos
2013  Bev Buckway 
2012  D. Luke Lacasse
2010  John Steins
2009  Phyllis Forbes

2008  Councillor Dianna Raketti
2007  Mayor John Farynowski
2006  Mayor Murray Hampton
2005  Mayor Shanon Cooper
2004  Councillor Duke Connelly
2003  Mayor Bernard Menelon
2002  Mayor Jim McLachlan
2001  Mayor Michael McGinnis
2000  Founder Rennie Mitchell
1999  Mayor Barrie Ravenhill
1998  Mayor Kathy Watson
1997  Councillor Carol McIlmoyle